Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can You Make a Fireman Dance?

I was out running around town with a friend of mine looking for furniture this morning. And we came to the stoplight. As we looked around we noticed that the fireman were out at the intersection. Each of them had a boot in their hand. Yes, it is time for the annual MDA fundraiser. And the firemen in my hometown stand at the major intersections with empty boots collecting money from the passing passengers in vehicles.

We were digging around in our purses for some money to put in the fireman's boot. My friend found a dollar bill, and decided to make a game out of giving money to the firemen for MDA. Since she couldn't get him to tuck a buck for her she asked him if he would dance for the dollar. Unfortunately, this fireman would not dance for her, but it was fun trying to get him to dance.

I often hear people complain about charities wanting their money. And it kind of bothers me that they do this. But giving to others should be fun. So if your local firemen is on the corner collecting money for MDA see if you can make him dance for a dollar.

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