Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Greater the Struggle the More Glorious the Triumph

I wish that I had come up with that quote, but it is really from The Butterfly Circus. Don't you think it's a great quote?

Yesterday was a day with some minor struggles. The iron broke, when I needed to iron some items. I dropped the camera and it took its finally picture. I wanted to speak to a live person when I called customer service, but real people don't seem to exist in customer service any more. Those small things add up to big frustration! I finally had to tell myself take a break, and things will turn around. Sure enough they did! A friend of mine called. She told me that she received a free chicken dinner with all the trimmings, and that she wanted me to come over for chicken dinner. So while there were some challenges yesterday, the day ended well.

Sometimes I think it is more the little struggles in life that bring me down than the big ones. Or is it that all those little struggles turn into a great struggle. I don't know, all I know was it was up to me yesterday to decide whether the moments of the day I dwelt on were the things that went wrong or the things that went right.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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