Sunday, August 26, 2012

What Would You Do For the Life of...?

I'm sitting here thinking what would I do for the life of a house cat? Now I know there are many animals that don't have great homes, but my cats have it pretty good. All they have to do is come in the living room meow and walk towards the kitchen, and I know they need food. There are three of them so I go into the kitchen a lot! They prefer fresh water over water in the bowl, so they run into the bathroom, and cry if they want the bathtub faucet turned on. If something is in their way and they want to lay there, they simply knock it down onto the floor. Just like they cleared everything off the coffee table so all three of them could lay on it. No problem they think; she'll clean up the mess. And she might yell at us a little, but nothing ever comes of it. Until this afternoon, I got a water bottle. And sprayed them when they got on the coffee table. They all seemed a little startled, but not too upset. They just knocked things off of one of the end tables and laid down on them. You just can't win a fight with a cat!

I hope everybody has a great day, and don't forget those housecats have it pretty good!

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