Thursday, September 6, 2012

Captain, My Captain!

Bet you were expecting something much different than a cat when you saw that title. I couldn't really think of anything to write about, so I thought I would show you one of the beasties. Captain, Demander of Drinking Water Fresh From the Tap.

So here are some things I would love to have today!

Imagine the possibilities with this dress. School, Work, Date. Pair it with gloves, hats, shoes, and you have a versatile little dress. You can find this dress in Real Gone Cat Clothes on etsy. Here's the link.

Vintage Retro 1950s Gold Brass Filigree and Lucite Box Purse Handbag Bag

This purse would be so great to have. I just love the detail on the sides of it in Toronto Antiques store on zibbet. Here's the link

Pretty Like a Bow Necklace

And this is so cute! A cute little silver bow. It's available at Lisa Leonard Designs. Here's the link.

Vintageitis T Shirts

And if you want that green dress, you'll need this pink vintageitis t-shirt too! Cause I'm sure you suffer from vintageitis.


  1. The poptarts box bag is so cute(:
    I have awesome news: I've nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award!

    Check out the post on my blog for the rules