Sunday, September 30, 2012

Guest Blogger Daphne

Gloria Diaz

Hi! My name is Daphne. Actually, my full name is Daphne Moon Shadow Diaz, but you can call me Daphne. I am a purebred Silky Terrier. My mom has never registered me, for some reason. I look like a Yorkshire Terrier on steroids. That’s how my mom likes to describe me. I’m just a little bit bigger than a Yorkie. I am a companion animal, but I also like to kill mice. I was originally bred to get rid of vermin. I like the way they squeak when I kill them!

I guess I am an old dog. I’m 12 years old, but I am still very active and love running around in the yard. Me and Mommy go for walks almost every day. I have a nice big yard to run around in. I also listen carefully for burglars and animals, and I bark when I want them to stay away!

Mom buys me treats and will heat up hot dogs for me at night. I have the run of the house! I can jump up on the couch if I want, and I sleep with Mommy in her bed. Sometimes she will cook things on the grill and we will sit outside and wait for them to be done. I like being outside with Mom.

Walkies are pretty much my favorite thing ever. I hate bathies, and brushies. I also hate when Mom clips my toenails.

For a long time, it was just me and Mommy. She worked a lot, and I was by myself a lot. She bought me a big teddy bear to play with, and I have a lot of fun with him. Then, Mommy brought home a tiny bundle of black fur. I had no idea what it was! Mommy had to give this black bundle a bottle. She explained it was a kitty who didn’t have a good mommy, and was starving and couldn’t see because her eyes were crusted shut. She said we have to be nice to kitties who don’t have good mommies. I was afraid of her at first, but we get along pretty well. Sometimes we fight, but other times we play and sometimes give each other kisses. It was a little bit hard, because for a long time it was just me and Mommy, but we still go on walks and hang out in the yard. But now I have someone to chase around when Mommy isn’t home. Mommy doesn’t work as much, and I am happy because she is home more.

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