Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Pet Human Reply

I’m going to take a giant cat leap here at being a guest blogger on Heidi's Wanderings. My name is Kaffy and I too have a “new” owner. More precisely I am back with my original owner after a few years of living in a crowded small apartment with several others and only 2 human pets. What a mess that turned out to be. No more hippie commune fantasies for me.
Anyway, the question was raised by Captain about how to train our pets. I know we love and cherish them, and they are (or at least their hands are) extremely useful tools, but frankly, human pets aren’t all that smart. The trick is repetition. Endless, mind numbing repetition.
It’s OK. Don’t feel bad about it and, no, you are not abusing your pet. They NEED to hear things over and over to learn them.
I mean have you ever had to stand by the door and meow continuously while your pet wanders aimlessly from room to room? We all have. What can they be thinking ?  Then finally the pet catches on and opens the door. Do not feel bad about this, it does not harm them or annoy them – they are just often oblivious to even the most important cues in their environment.
Not to belabor the point, but sometimes I have to repeat myself so often I am practically screetching before my pet notices that the bottom of the food bowl is visible. I mean, I couldn’t live without my pet (OK – I could), but I like her and I have learned to accept that intelligence is not one of the human virtues. Hands are a human virtue.
And, as an aside, does anyone understand why they keep stepping on us?
They have the entire world at their disposal except for the tiny spot where we are and they still step on us. Just another small reminder that pets are – well – pets, not cats.
Sometimes I think pets are a reminder that life is not just all about us. It’s sort of about them too. Well, probably not, but it’s a pleasant and harmless thought. It mostly crosses my mind when I am napping on them. Pets make great furniture

The thing I want most today is a good nights sleep. And to tell Kaffe thanks for posting.

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