Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Pet Human

Captain, guest blogger

My Pet Human

My name is Captain, and it is late at night my pet human is sleeping. While my pet human is sleeping, I thought I would take the chance to write about my life with this human. Her name is Heidi. She is not my first pet.

My first pet human was name Billy. Billy was a good and loving pet, who provided me with treats. He was home most of the time, and he provided me with a lot of attention.  While I lived with him I developed a taste for tuna water. I still love tuna water. My first pet human was ill, and he died. This brought great sorrow into my life. I do miss my pet Billy.

But soon after Billy died, I moved into my current pet’s home. It was a bit of a change first off Heidi was not home much. We had to do something about that. After a few months, Heidi began staying home more, and she mentioned “finding a different job” frequently. This pleased me. The more she stays home the more often the food bowl is filled. I have trained her well. Soon she began carting in loads of items. They were fun to sit in, but she also began mentioning something about Fat Cat Fat Quarters. This offended me, because I am not fat. I am big boned! And then she said something about Real Gone Cat Clothes. I have no intention of being gone. This behavior is disturbing. But I usually overlook it because Heidi does provide us with good treats. She even provides the beloved catnip. Oh, she is the best pet on those days.

I am teaching Heidi some tricks. The most recent one is putting her hand on me, and petting me when I look at the hand. There has been mixed success with this trick. That human does have a mind of her own.  

I hear movement in the other room, so I must end this writing session. I do not want my pet human to know that I talk about her to others. But please be sure to let me know how your pet humans are doing. Do you have any tips on training a human to pet you with a mere glance?

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