Thursday, September 20, 2012

Perfect Picture

Ohhh, the sun is peeking out. It’s time to get pictures of that dress for etsy. I run and get the camera. I am so excited. The natural light is perfect for this dress. I point the camera, and shoot. And the sun hides. I frown and put the camera down.

Wait, there it is again. My frown turns upside down. “Move kitty, move. I don’t want to take a picture of you.”  It’s still there, Thank God! Snap! The rubber band that holds the camera on the tripod breaks. I hang my head down because the sun is gone.

Brightness! I can’t believe it! Surely, the third time is the charm. I scramble to get the camera. I turn the camera on, and it shuts off. Hmmm, the battery is dead. Perhaps, today isn’t the day to get the perfect picture of that dress after all.

Sleeveless Vintage Belted Dress

Add some blue, add some green, add some white and what do you get? This dress. I just really like the color combination. 

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