Thursday, October 25, 2012

Did You Ever Play That Game Telephone?

Did you ever play that game telephone when you were a child? You know the one where you whisper something in someone's ear. And then they whisper what they heard into the next person's ear. It goes on through several people. And the last person tells everyone what they heard. It's the perfect way to teach children how stories get twisted, when they are retold.

Within the past couple of days, I managed to be the originator of a telephone game. I did everything I could to avoid it, but it happened. I was recently sent to work at a different facility for my job. Within an hour of beginning work at this facility, my new co-workers, who are awesome, asked me if I knew which people at the facility I am assigned to were taking the early retirement the company is offering. I told them specificly, I was not absolutely sure, but when I spoke to my supervisor she informed me that three individuals were taking the early retirement. And that there were at least two others who had not decided yet.

So a couple of hours go by, and I hear one of my new co-workers telling someone that there will probably be five people retire from the facility I am normally assigned to. All I could do was sign, and think if there was any other way that I could have said that so it didn't get twisted.

CLEARANCE. We're not Gossiping, We're Networking Magnet

So is this fitting or what? The picture of the ladies on this magnet is cute. And I love the fact that they insist they are networking. It's on sale too! It's available through Hope Meadows shop on etsy.

Have a fantastic day everybody!


  1. The new season of Red Dwarf played the telephone game on an episode. Actually very well done.