Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Survival Tips

The holiday season is upon us. And it is a wonderful time of year. There is a lot happening, and oh so many fun things to do. But there are moments during the season that I wonder will I live through this season. So here are a couple of things I try to do when the holidays don’t feel so joyful.

1.       The holidays are never perfect so just enjoy what comes. You can’t buy the perfect gift, throw the perfect party, or make the perfect food. In fact, the mistakes are often what makes the holidays so memorable. The perfect example is my friend Billy, who made rum balls every year for Christmas. Everyone talks about the year his rum balls weren’t really balls, but turned out as a gooey mess. Due to his adding too much rum.

2.       The holidays are for sharing. Put thought into the gifts you give. But don’t get too upset if someone doesn’t go crazy for the gift you give. On the flip side always be gracious when you receive a gift. Some people aren’t creative gift givers, and some people honestly have so much going on that another it is just nice of them to remember you. Always be appreciative of what you receive. Remember how Penny gives Sheldon a napkin autographed by Leonard Nimoy. And it was the greatest gift Sheldon ever received. (Yeah, it’s a TV show, but the principle is true.)

3.       Do something hokey. Going to the Christmas lights around town is hokey, but it’s also beautiful. We all remember the silly Christmas traditions from our childhood. Start a few of your own; they will probably be what your family members remember about the holidays.

4.       Expensive does not mean great. The best gift I ever received was a little bear from a client I worked with. She bought it at the Dollar Store, but it was just really great to receive something from someone who had almost nothing in life. I don’t have many of the big gifts I’ve received at the holidays, but I still have that bear.

5.       And finally, do something for others. We all get caught up in our own busy little worlds. Don’t forget that there are others around you that may not have as much as you. Donate to your local charities or other worthwhile causes. I remember a friend of mine who wasn’t sure how she was going to get presents for her children at Christmas. One of the local companies received her name as their Christmas family. She received a van load of food and presents from that company. They provided her with clothing, food, and toys. The food actually lasted three months. To this day she claims that those presents helped her get on her feet so she wasn’t worrying about bills all the time.


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  2. This is a great list. I need to check into how to give back this holiday season. I believe that giving backs neon the most important aspects of Christmas.

  3. Great post!! Really needed!!
    Shall help me get ready for christmas :)
    S xx

  4. Neat list! I wholly enjoyed the Big Bang Theory reference :D And, I love seeing the christmas lights in town--they call it Candy Cane Lane. It probably one of my favorite things to do this time of the year!

    Vanessa ~ Found & Kept

  5. this is a great post thanks for the reminder about important things to remember :)