Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa

It was great to see you out for a stroll on Harrison Street yesterday afternoon. I’m sure you’re quite busy this time of year, and a little fresh air gives you your second wind for the day. I was pretty surprised to see you though. At first I just saw a bright red outfit with white trim passing by, and I had to rubberneck in order to be sure that it was you. Sure enough there was also a red hat, white beard, and you were carrying sleigh bells. And I even said out loud “There’s Santa!”

This leads to the reason I’m writing to you. I was driving my car when I saw you. And well when I rubbernecked, I didn’t notice that SUV that pulled out in front of me. And well let’s just say I got to meet the driver, who wasn’t too happy about the present I just delivered. His face got as red as that outfit you were wearing. And his words were pretty colorful too! But the check from the insurance company should calm him down.

But does this incident move me from the nice list to naughty list for the year? And if I am on the naughty list now, could you drop me an email or text me? I have a couple of weeks to work really hard and get back on the nice list. And if I don’t hear from you I’ll just assume that I’m on the nice list.

Always Believing,



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