Sunday, November 18, 2012

Guest Blogger Captain

It is great to have our pet human home. I am very sensitive so it hurt me a great deal when she ran away. But the problem is she isn’t home enough.  Recently, she has left home in middle of the night to go to what she calls work. She always tells me that she is going out to earn money so I can have food and catnip. I can adjust to this. Catnip and food are good. And it’s great to hear that the reason she is leaving the house is for me. I am the center of her universe.  But this coming home and getting something to eat and then leaving again has to change. When she returns home she is supposed to spend a great deal of time petting me, and talking to me. She is not supposed to run right back out the door again for several hours. Does anyone else’s pet human do this? And how can I change this? I want to spend quality time with my pet human.

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