Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Procrastinator, Not Me!

Well then again, I am a little bit of a procrastinator. OK, not just a little bit of a procrastinator, I’m a big procrastinator. But when I notice I’m putting things off a little too much I do a couple of things to get myself motivated.

First, I make a list of things I really would like to accomplish that day. It helps me to clearly define what I want to get finished. As the list shrinks, I feel like I have accomplished something that day. Be careful not to make to large of a list or you will feel like you didn’t accomplish much if you don’t get everything crossed off.

Second, if it’s a large task, break into smaller tasks. Sometimes, that’s not possible, but a lot of times it is. You’ll be able to tell yourself that you completed this much of the task. And the more you see completed the easier it is to finish.

Third, sometimes we really can put things off for another day. If you’re having a bad day, don’t worry about the huge projects; just do what you need to do to get through that day.
So now we all need pen and paper to make out our to do lists.
Owl LIST pad (to do list notepad) by boygirlparty, yellow owl note pad task chore office organizer checklist - ecofriendly office gift

I love the do later section on this to do list. It's the to do list for the true procrastinator. It's available through boygirlparty shop on etsy.

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  1. I wish my to do list could look like this, but usually I just feel like I need a clone to be able to accomplish everything haha.

    Hope you have a great week :)