Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Empire Needs You

y0Cwf Incredible Star Wars Propaganda Posters

This one is for those stormtrooper loving friends of mine. Enlist today! I found this pic on Cliff Chiang is the artist. Although, I couldn't find anyplace you could purchase this awesome piece. You can go to splash page comic art to see some of his artwork that is for sale. And his website is full of other great comic art!

Now that I've provided you with some awesome geek art here are some fantastic Star Wars items I want today.

That's What I'm Tarkin About Star Wars Shirt

Yeah, this is for the true Star Wars geek. But I love it! How often can you find Grand Moff Tarkin on a t-shirt? It's available through CoastCityShirts on etsy.

Hand Knitted R2-D2 Fingerless gloves for the fan of Star Wars

And these are on my shopping list too. R2-D2 fingerless gloves! They are available through Enchantedcraft's shop on zibbet.

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