Thursday, December 27, 2012

Your Band Is a Virus

I was recently contacted by James Moore to review his book Your Band Is a Virus Expanded Edition. So here are my thoughts on his book.

Your Band Is A Virus - Expanded Edition (#2)

Do you have a band? Do you want your band to be more than a hobby for you? Then you should follow the advice of James Moore in Your Band is a Virus Expanded Edition. But this book doesn’t only apply to bands. It is a useful guide for any individual who wishes to promote their artwork in a creative and effective way.

The book emphasizes that in order for an artist to become successful, the artist must view his artwork as a business. And it provides some valuable ways to market your band. It encourages musicians to be professionals from the get go, which is something in my opinion many bands overlook. It also provides some websites to visit, and place information about your band. The book also includes ideas on ways bands can promote themselves free of charge. It also includes ideas on contests, websites, and how to contact the media, record companies, and radio stations.

The author is careful to point out that making it as a musician is hard work, and musicians must prepare themselves for all of this work. He encourages the reader to use the book as a workbook for success. He also encourages individuals to use their creative spirit, and not limit themselves to the ideas in the book.

I liked this book because the author provided clear examples of ways that his recommendations can work. He encourages individuals to work hard to make their dream come true, and he encourages them not to give up on their dream. I also liked how portions of the book can apply to any business, especially any creative business. In my opinion, this book is a must read for any musicians who wish to have music as their livelihood.
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