Thursday, January 3, 2013

BudaRest Music Review

BudaRest are a music duo, who write and perform their own music. The group members are Bud Buckley, and Jax Resto. They are originally from New York, but now reside in South Florida. I recently listened to their music on Reverbnation, and I liked it.

The song Step on My Heart made me think of times when I knew a relationship probably wasn’t going to work out, but I decided to go ahead with the relationship. And how I hoped that things would work out, even though I knew it wouldn’t.

I also enjoyed the song Make Superman Cry. It’s a sad song about the loss of a parent. It felt like an accurate description of how a child wouldn’t ask a living parent about what happened to the parent who is no longer in their life. How the child doesn’t want to cause the parent anymore pain by asking questions. And the child feels that asking wouldn’t do much good anyway.


And they provided me with another song they wrote called Just Be Nice. This song is about how religion can sometimes be about rules instead of treating people as we would want to be treated. The music in the song is upbeat and catchy so it’s a fun to listen to, and the it makes you think about a couple of things too.
Both of the musicians have led diverse lives. Bud worked as a journalist, PR Director, and teacher. While Jax performed with the Ringling Brother’s Circus, and then began playing drums in a band, songwriting, and writing novels. Oh yeah, and she became a wife and mother. Then they came together to form BudaRest. They currently have a goal of producing a song a week. That’s a pretty busy schedule, but they are meeting the goal, and they expect to have an album to release this year. Other songs they have written will be included in an upcoming eBook.
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They have brought experiences from lives that are less than ordinary to create intelligent and memorable music. So click on the link and check out their music.



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