Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How I Became a Cambodian Space Project Fan

I've always found it interesting how an individuals tastes in music evolve. I always smile when someone says"Hey who is this playing I've never heard this song before?" In some cases a whole new world is opened up to people through new music. So I decided to let everybody hear about how I became a fan of Cambodian Space Project.
It all started with a movie. This one!


There a part of the movie where the lead character goes into a record shop and asks the owner who is playing. The owner of the shop states that the cd is a compilation of 60's Cambodian music. He tells her that listening to the third song always makes him feel happy. And I liked the song. So I needed to find that song. This led me to the next step.

Sung by Ros Sereysothea
Then I thought I like this song I wonder if I would like any other Cambodian 60's music so I hunted down music by a guy called Chum Kem. He introduced the twist to Cambodia.

Chum Kem
Then on the sidebar of the youtube page was this sidebar called Rock Cambodia. I thought to myself I wonder what this is?
Srey Thy
It's the trailer for a movie by a singer named Srey Thy. She's the lead sing of Cambodian Space Project. So I thought to myself what do they sound like?
Cambodian Space Project
I listened, and it made me feel happy!
So that's the five steps I took to become a fan of a band.
How did you become a fan of the music you listen to?

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  1. ha! This band is awesome!