Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Don't Want To Get Up in the AM Review

I recently heard the song I Don’t Want to Get Up in the AM by Post Trauma, and I loved it! It’s a song I can relate to so well. Every morning when my alarm goes off all I want to do is scream no it’s way too early to get up. Then I went to youtube and watched the video, and it made me laugh.

Post Trauma is a three man band from California that has recently put out an album titled Sleeplelss.  Sleepless is the first half of a double album. The members of the band are Billy Ulrich, Kenny Ulrich, Joe Gnoffo, and Sean Boddy . Most of the songs are considered country rock, but country rock is really rock music with a little twang in my opinion. So their music will definitely appeal to fans of country music. But there are songs that will appeal to fans of other music forms. The song I’m That Guy is all about a guy who is only looking for short term relationships. It’s kind of refreshing to hear a song where someone says if you want something serious, I have a friend you can meet. But if you just want fun I’m that guy. An image of Jason Stackhouse from True Blood popped into my mind while I listened to the song. I can totally picture him saying something like that.
And as I listened to the song Bitter, it occurred to me that all of the songs I listened to were extremely up front and honest. The songwriters didn’t mince any words they just call things the way they see them.

There are songs that will make you want to dance, and there are songs that will make you think. But overall, Post Trauma’s music is fun to listen to.
So what are you waiting for? Head on over to their website and check out their music.


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