Friday, January 11, 2013

My Hero for the Day

I was cruising around squidoo the other morning, and found this totally awesome story I want to share with everyone. It’s Amy Treumpter’s story. Her story is how one person’s desire to travel the world turned into a business that supports 200 individuals. Now that’s something to write about.

It all started with Amy watching the movie Hotel Rwanda, which is a movie about the genocide that occurred in Rwanda. The movie created a desire to visit Rwanda. So Amy looked around for opportunities to travel, and she found one through Global Volunteer Network. Through GVN she was able to travel to Rwanda and teach for three weeks.

While she was teaching she met a woman named Habiba. Habiba was a victim of the genocide, and she had no surviving family members. Amy found that Habiba made beautiful beaded pens, and she agreed to sell the pens when she returned to the UK. The 12 pens sold quickly, and soon Kilgali Crafts was developed.

Kilgali Crafts sells the products that individuals in Rwanda make. It provides an outlet for Rwandans to develop businesses that provide handmade products to individuals in the west.

Check out some of this pen! It’s not your ordinary pen!
Kilgali Crafts’ items are not what you find at the local chain store, they are unique and they support a good cause.  Hmmm, decisions, decisions, buy cheap (at the local chain store) and support a huge corporation that is mainly concerned about its profits. Or pay a little extra for something and get something cool that allows individuals to become more independent. Hmmm, what to do? Anyway, follow the links and learn more about my hero for the day.

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