Monday, January 7, 2013

The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter

The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter by Holy Ghost Writer

The world has become over-polluted, and an International Government changes laws each day. This is the world young Zeddy lives in. Zeddy’s father, Zane, disappears mysteriously one day after a huge boom is heard. Soon Zeddy and his mother, Zadie, are off on an adventure to find his father.

Before Zeddy leaves on his adventure, he learns that there is a little bit more to his parents than he ever realized. And he also finds that his father had traveled much more than he realized. He finds a small zutterfly, which is similar to a butterfly, which his father brought back from his travels to a distant planet.

But they still need to find his father. So they go and meet Professor Zenith. And low and behold Zane and Professor Zenith have been doing research on dark matter. But the professor does not have all of the answers they need, and there are a few other obstacles that are thrown into their path, while they visit the professor.

This book is book 11 in the Sultan of Monte Cristo Series. And it is just as fun as the other two books in the series that I have read. It’s full of adventure. And it would probably appeal to younger readers since the main character is a six year old boy. He is bright, and he enjoys exploring the world. I found it really interesting because it deals with the subject of Dark Matter, and it has a science fiction feel to it. So if you’re looking for an adventure story you and your children can read together this book is for you.
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The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter (The Count of Monte Cristo)

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