Saturday, February 23, 2013

Everyday Mysteries

Life is full of those little mysteries none of us understand. Here are a few mysteries I’ll never understand even though tons of people may have tried to explain them to me.

Why am I always famished within an hour of eating Chinese food.  This is a standard mystery on many people’s list. I believe a couple of people have tried to explain it to me, but I wasn’t satisfied with the explanations about too many carbs or not enough fat. I can’t even remember all of those explanations. All I know is I had orange chicken for lunch an hour ago, and I’m hungry again.

Why do the cats insist on drinking out of the toilet even though I just filled their bowl with fresh water? If I put the toilet lid down they redefine the meaning of hissy fit.

Why does it only take 10 minutes to change the oil in my car, but they always ask if I can leave my car there for the entire morning?  I mean even if I have an appointment they do that.

Why does a brand new pair of socks feel so much more comfortable than a worn pair? And why does a worn pair of jeans feel more comfortable than a brand new pair?  Shouldn’t it all work the same?

Please feel free to share the mysteries you have in your life today.


  1. I've never actually thought about how long it takes to get your oil changed. Thats a really good point!


  2. Hi sweets! Returning the like... love your blog!

  3. loved this post. i so agree with the oil change! :) our cats don't drink out of the toilet but they LOVE to try and sneak sips out of our water glasses. :)
    thanks so much for your kind words. happily following. have a great monday. xox