Sunday, March 17, 2013

Guest Blogger Bobaloo

I have been blamed for something that occurred at the house. My pet human believes that I did it on purpose, and she has been a little cool towards me today. It really wasn’t my fault. You see I am feeling very friendly right now, and I saw the lamp sitting there. So I decided to get up on the table and rub against it. You know, just let the lamp know exactly how great I think it is. Now I do know that my pet human doesn’t like it when I do this, but she wasn’t home so I decided to do it anyway. I thought she would never know. So as I rubbed up against the lamp, it kind of moved a little. I thought to myself great. The lamp thinks I’m as great too. And then it moved a lot more. And then it fell over. And let’s just say it made a large noise, and there was a little mess. I left the mess for my pet human to clean up. I know that she really does enjoy taking care of me, and doesn’t mind if I make a mess at all. I expected for her to say Bobaloo you’re such a good girl, but instead she said Bobaloo what did you do? And then I got the scolding of the year. No matter what I do I cannot convince my pet human that I did not knock the lamp over on purpose. Can anyone tell me how to get my pet human to understand that I was simply being friendly?  I so want my human to tell me I am a good girl again.


  1. Aww lovely :) Animals are better friends :)

  2. Better go get the glue Bobaloo!!lol And P.S. gracias for the comment, and following,I too am a friend of you!(Wow I'm all rhymy today!lol:)

  3. least your human knows you didn't really do it on purpose. ;)

    I'm visiting today from Let's Get Social Sunday. :)