Thursday, March 28, 2013

Live From Seattle It's True Holland

Okay, remember back in the 90’s when there were all of those great Seattle bands? Okay, some of you may not remember, but trust me there were a lot of them. They had that great guitar sound to them. You know the grunge thing. Then we didn’t hear too much out of Seattle for a while. But there’s good news there is another great band out of Seattle called True Holland. Let me tell ya these guys are great!

When I heard their song Heavy, (punch the video button and listen to their song you won’t be disappointed) I thought that guitar sounds great. I loved the song!

Heavy by True Holland
Another great song they have on their first album is World on a Wire. I liked it from the get go. The opening is fantastic! If you want to hear it check out the song on soundcloud. World on a Wire (click on the title)

True HollandThen I looked up a little more information about the band. I found them on reverbnation. Here's the link for that True Holland They aren’t just a band that sits in a studio and records cds, they are a band that actually plays live. They have toured for the past couple of years playing the Seattle area.  But they also have a cd called True Holland that is available on amazon. And there is even better news the band is currently working on their next cd. And it should be released

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