Saturday, March 23, 2013

Soul Sanctuary Music Review

There’s one think all of you should know I like Heavy Metal. So when I heard this band called Soul Sanctuary from England. I thought I would share a review of their music.
Image of Soul Sanctuary Poster 2011
Soul Sanctuary

The first thing you need to know is it is Heavy Metal. Soul Sanctuary’s music is fast paced, and loud. The music will make you want to exert some energy. And that’s one of the appeals it has for me. If I’m cleaning the house, this music helps me do it faster. But the other thing I really like about this band is their lyrics. They aren’t the typical pop make you feel good lyrics. The lyrics of their songs make you think.

I really like their song Afterlife. Why you may ask? The lyrics bring up that age old question will things ever change? Will it happen in my lifetime? The band takes a look at the world around them, and they want something to change even though they aren’t sure if it will ever happen. The band packs a lot of energy in this song too. It has great guitar work, and the end result is you will want to start dancing.

Another song that I like is Scars of You. It reminds me of a bad relationship. I’m not sure that is what the band had in mind, but that is what I thought of. You know the relationships that you fight to make work, but it just won’t. The one that leaves you saying I’m not the person I was before that relationship began. The lyrics ask is it hopeless to try and change what just wasn’t meant to be? Haven’t we all asked that about one relationship or another?

Soul Sanctuary’s members include:  Luke Gibson, Michael Burrough, Edward Stevens, Jamie Hicks, Anthony Montague, and Paul Gooding. And they are influenced by bands like Metallica, Slipknot, and Bullet for My Valentine. So if you like those bands you will definitely like their music. The band has also been around for a few since 2007ish, and they have developed a loyal following. And they have taken their music seriously. They have played with Sonic Syndicate and Blowsight. And they have their own records label Forsake Memory Records. The band also has a great website where you can find more of their music, and news about the band. I recommend that you visit to learn more about Soul Sanctuary. You can visit the site at, and let me know what you think of their music.

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