Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Dreams

Even though the weather doesn't seem very spring like. It's currently 27 degrees. I've been dreaming about spring time activities. One of them is kite flying. I love flying kites. It always brings out the kid in everyone. So I thought I would share a poem about kite flying.

A Kite for Aibhín
After 'L'Aquilone' by Giovanni Pascoli (1855-1912)
Air from another life and time and place,

Pale blue heavenly air is supporting

A white wing beating high against the breeze,

And yes, it is a kite! As when one afternoon
All of us there trooped out
Among the briar hedges and stripped thorn,
I take my stand again, halt opposite

Anahorish Hill to scan the blue,

Back in that field to launch our long-tailed comet.
And now it hovers, tugs, veers, dives askew,

Lifts itself, goes with the wind until
It rises to loud cheers from us below.

Rises, and my hand is like a spindle
Unspooling, the kite a thin-stemmed flower

Climbing and carrying, carrying farther, higher

The longing in the breast and planted feet
And gazing face and heart of the kite flier

Until string breaks and—separate, elate—

The kite takes off, itself alone, a windfall.
Seamus Heaney


  1. Wow, I haven't flown a kite in a long time, maybe I should look into doing that this spring!

  2. it has been far too long since I last flew a kite. The weather here has been muggy and warm, but overcast and grey looking. It confuses my brain into thinking it's cold out, and then I wind up having to change my outfit for the day.

  3. My daughter only knows what a kite is from pictures. How sad is that? I should get one for her. But I've never really flown one myself. Hmmm....maybe this will be a project for Daddy...

    Thanks for linking up!