Friday, March 8, 2013

Whatcha Been Reading?

I’ve been reading a little bit here in the past week, and I thought it was time to share some of the books I’ve been reading and what I think about those books.

The Maynwarings by Digger Cartwright

This book is a western set in the reconstruction era in Nevada. And I have to admit as I read this book this is what came to mind.
Theme song to Bonanza

In case you’re not old enough to remember this. It’s the theme song to Bonanza. The book actually did make me think of the show. The Maynwarings are a ranch family that has been very successful. They are honest and always willing to help those in need. But then there enters an evil outsider, who doesn’t have the best interests of the community in mind. There is a murder, a lynching, and yes a conspiracy. The book is full of action. And one of the things I really liked about the book was there was a strong, independent, intelligent female character in this book. If you like mysteries or westerns this book is a read for you.

Six-Figure Musician - How to Sell More Music, Get More People to Your Shows, and Make More Money in the Music Business (Music Marketing [dot] com Presents) by David Hooper

This book is a must read for anyone who wants to be a professional musician. But the book is also a valuable resource for anyone starting a small creative business. The book offers all sorts of advice. One of the most important one I thought was you have fans take care of them. So check out this book you guys.

Minority Bolshevism by Zuriel Redwood

In my opinion in order to be a well-informed person you have to look at all points of view. So I read this book. The book is geared toward the conservative side of American politics. While I don’t agree with most things the author presents in the book. He does address many issues facing America at this time. And kudos for him for doing this. The book is well thought out, and I do respect anyone who puts themselves out there for criticism. He did present some plans that do deserve some further discussion in my opinion. I guess one of the reasons I liked the book was it challenged me to look at the world from another perspective. If you’re politics are to the right you’ll like the book. And if you’re politics are to the left well you may not like this book, but it is worth taking a look at so that you can present intelligent discussions.

So that’s what I’ve been reading this week. Let me know what you’ve been reading, and if you think I might like it.

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