Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let's Get Cookin'

So I decided I wanted to cook something a little different than I normally do. So I decided I would make some Diablitos. You are now asking what are Diablitos? Diablitos are jalapenos stuffed with fish. They are a little bit of work, but well worth the work. So let’s get cookin’.

First there is the sauce you need to make. It’s pretty easy. Grab a couple tablespoons of flour. Throw in about 6 ounces of shredded cheddar cheese, then add about 4 ounches of shredded Monterey jack cheese, and 3 ½ ounces of cream cheese. Put it all in a food processor. While you’re gathering that stuff up bring a cup of half and half to the boiling point. Add the warm half and half gradually as you process the food. You now have a sauce.

Next chop up a fourth of an onion and throw it in skillet along with a little bit of butter. Saute the onions. Now mix that in with your sauce mix.

Next on the cooking agenda is to get the jalapenos ready. Soak ‘em in cold water for like 30 minutes. That tempers them a little. Now here’s the tricky part for me. Cut a slit in the jalapenos and deseed them. You need to not cut too big of a slit because you’re gonna have to stuff these peppers. You’ll need like 3 dozen medium sized peppers.

Now it’s time to make the filling. Throw 2 cans of tuna into a bowl, then dump in a cup of ricotta cheese, add a couple tablespoons parmesan cheese. Add a couple tablespoons chopped cilantro, and a little bit of oregano, and a little bit of cumin, salt and lime juice. And finally 3 tablespoons sour cream. Mix it all up. And begin stuffing those jalapenos.

Once the peppers are stuffed, now you need to get a batter ready. Separate two eggs, add two tablespoons of flour, and a little bit of salt. Now beat that mixture. Dip the peppers in the batter, and fry them for a minute or so in peanut oil.

Serve on a platter, and the sauce is for dipping. And enjoy!
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  1. This looks really interesting. I'd never seen or heard of them before. Thank you for the recipe!

  2. Wow - such a cool idea! Maybe a little to spicy for me, but I could make them for my husband!

    The Nautical Owl

  3. LOL! Now I'm hungry!!
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  5. What an interesting flavor combination!