Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MTV has nothing on Ernie Kovacs

Most of us think of MTV as the beginning of music videos, but there were a couple around long before MTV.  Ernie Kovacs was one of those great innovators in music and television. He worked in early television so he had access to ways to the new technology of the time. And he developed camera tricks that are still being used to this day. That’s quite a mark he left since he died in 1962.

The most memorable video by Kovacs is Musical Office where an ordinary office of the 1950’s comes to life. And as one person put it if the pencil sharpener whistles Sentimental Journey then you can either hum along or retire.

And then I had to add this one because it has a banana doing a striptease which is too funny.

I hope you enjoy the videos, and let me know which one you like best.


  1. Wow those are great!!! I think the kitchen one is my favorite because I like seeing the old appliances. I'm going to kiss my microwave now.

  2. cool!


  3. Very cool!!! Thank you for linking up. I look forward to your choices each week

  4. I must admit - I feel I've entered some sort of Twilight Zone but in a good way! From them both, I think the kitchen wins.......now there's something my hubby won't hear me say often!