Saturday, April 6, 2013

Things That Made This Week Grand

Getting ready to go into the cell phone store to buy a new cell phone because I thought I lost mine, and just as I’m getting ready to get out of the car. I heard the phone ring. I had to clean out the car to find it, but I found the phone! It’s a wonder what you find when you clean out your car isn’t it?

Seeing the look on the cat’s face when she gets up from a nap, she looked like she it took so much effort to wake up. What a life she has, nap, eat, and bring me pony tail holders to throw for her. Sheesh!

Enjoying a glass of clamato! I hardly ever buy it, but I always love that spicy taste it has. Yum!

Finding a totally awesome quote, and sharing it with the world.  Lend your friend $20, if he doesn’t pay you back then he’s not your friend. Money well spent – Ted Nicolas

Going into the basement at an estate sale because it was the only place you could actually look at things. Then I found some of the coolest crap available at the sale, a box full of hand-written recipes from some little old lady.  And those people with those Ralph Lauren sheets thought they scored big they had nothing on me.

I hope everyone else had a grand week. And please feel free to share what made it that way.

Music to blog by Moon Dance from the Corpse Bride


  1. Going op/thrift shopping with my bestie and my boy and scoring three green satin dresses (because one isn't enough) and silver lame pants! Awesome.
    Fur Earwig

  2. I would actually hate to see what is hidden in the depths of my nasty car.

  3. I am glad you had a good week Heidi. My week has also been good. Easter ended on Monday and I had an enjoyable long weekend with my family. I have been enjoying a lot of the Easter goodies all week. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. What a gorgeous blog, Heidi!
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Awards!
    Check out my blog for more details :)
    -Aimee Owl :) xx

  5. nice music! thanks for shairng

  6. Hi there! New follower here from the Lets Get Social Sunday Hop :) I would have LOVED finding something like that at an estate sale! You're right about getter something better than RL sheets! :) Would love it if you checked out my blog too! Have a "grand week"!!


  7. Hey girl I nominated you for the liebster come check it out!!