Monday, April 8, 2013

Whatcha Been Readin?

I’ve been reading a few books recently, and I thought I would share some of the books I’ve read, and what I think about them.

The House of Dark Shadows by Digger Cartwright

Ever try internet dating? This book shows what an internet dating nightmare can be. It can begin so wonderfully, and then it can turn oh so bad. First you enjoy time together, then your personal issues get into the way. And you get really confused. And mean the main character gets really confused. This book is a good read. The plot moves along, and it will make ya think twice before you talk to someone online. But it’s a good mystery, and I recommend it to mystery lovers.

Hyperspace Event Paradox : The Last Sigh of the Moor by  Aboudekr Boutaleb

This book starts out during the golden age of Islam. Or rather the end of the golden age. Madjid is an alchemist in 1492. He is transported through time to present day Iraq. And then he is transported back to his own time. Imagine what that would be like. I really liked this book, because we always view the Islamic world as being intolerant, and the Christian world as being tolerant. But there was a time when the Islamic world was the tolerant world, and the Christian world was the intolerant one. Pick up the book if you want to read something with a little fantasy twist.

Time Travel Romance-Medieval Love Reunited by Dagger Heart by Nina Moon

Do you believe that you have one true love that will be your true love through all of time? Then this book is for you. You’ll enjoy the adventure that Elise is set on when she finds out that she was separated from her true love several hundred years before, and she is now reunited with him.

The Guru and the Jerk (Living in the New Earth) by Christopher Pinckley

Finally, there is a self-help book that doesn’t just tell you to visualize and meditate your way out of your problems. This book encourages people to be positive about life, but also encourages them to do something to achieve the dreams they have in life.

Hey Joe (Jamiaca Series) Book 1 by Jerry Beller

Absolute favorite book I’ve read recently. A lot of it is due to the fact that the main character River leaves his life in Washington DC in order to live out his dream of writing a book in Jamaica. But River opts to live with the common people in order to see the real Jamaica. His experiences in this book are fun, adventuresome and real. If you want to read a book about one person living out their dream, check out this book.

So if you have any book that you think I might like, let me know so I can check them out.

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  1. You should read the Maze Runner series if you haven't already! SO good! I'm about to start reading the 3rd one :)


  2. I received two books that I've got to read now and do a review on. Not sure that'll happen any time soon. I just cant get into books like I could a year ago before I started college. Now I'm done with college and got to make the next step in my life. The 2 books I got were "Reflection Point" by Emily March & "Heaven Hears" by Lindy Boone Michaelis.

    Got them online at sites that you get free books and in return you do book reviews. I love it. This is now my 3rd and 4th books I've received in a mth or so. If you know of any sites that do that like booksneeze and library thing and goodreads let me know

  3. Those are some really great choice's! All intrigued me, and I will pop over to my library to see what I can find. Thanx for the review!:/)