Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Driftwood DIY's

I don’t know about you guys, but when I own a seaside cottage, (notice I said when) I’m going to decorate it with loads of driftwood items. But until I can get that I have to settle for looking at pictures of driftwood items. And I was really excited when I found this blog that had loads of driftwood items, and it also includes tutorials on how to make some pretty cool driftwood items. It's called DIY Driftwood

I really like the instructions on how to make a hanging planter like this one. It’s so easy to do.

And if you want to conquer something a little more challenging there’s a tutorial for a driftwood lamp, which I think is way cool.

And here are the instructions for my absolute favorite.

Driftwood Candleholder

You will need:

• enough cleaned driftwood pieces to fit around your glass candle container
• multi-purpose epoxy glue

• glass contained candle
• raffia or twine (optional)


For this style driftwood candleholder, you will want to have enough clean driftwood pieces to go around your glass container candle – 10-20 pieces to chose from depending on the size of your glass container . It’s best to use 1″ thick linear pieces rather than awkward shaped driftwood pieces.

Determine how tall you want the height to be. Some prefer the height to be just to the top of the glass while I’ve seen others extend it 2-3 inches taller than your glass container. Either way looks great.

Saw off the ends of each piece so they will line up evenly at the bottom around the your glass container while still giving you the height you want.

Now one by one, line up a piece with the bottom of the glass container and begin gluing. Continue until you have completed the circumference.

Wait until the glue dries according to the package before using.

You may wish to dress up your container with raffia or twine.


  1. I love driftwood too and I have seen a few beautiful ones made into 'vases'.
    Thank you for visiting us at pret-a-vivre.com

  2. These are really interesting. Where I live, people use driftwood in their outdoor landscaping a lot. I think it's a nice look.

  3. Love the driftwood planter! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the lamp! We stayed in a hotel at Christmas that had one very similar. Gorgeous!