Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fantastic Things That Have Happened This Week

I walked outside this week and caught the wonderful scent of lilacs. I love how they smell. I always start looking around for the lilac bush as soon as I smell them. 

While I was driving down the road there was a beat up old red truck with a parrothead sticker on the back. It was just so fitting. Parrotheads just don’t care about appearances; they care about having a good time.

Seeing the cat wake up and spring into action as soon as he saw a piece of string dragged across the floor. Honestly, he never has that much energy.

Going to an estate sale and finding the cutest little purse in the history of mankind.

Cleaning off a shelf, and finding that Christmas present I bought for a friend. It was perfect timing since I needed to take a get well present to her.
Music to blog by Aloha by Leo Addeo & His Orchestra


  1. Wow, the first sentences of this blog entry are literally straight outta my own head. I LOVE the smell of lilacs (it reminds me of a lilac bush that's been in front of my grandparents' house my whole life) and ALWAYS search around for the bush as soon as I smell the scent. Also, thanks for sharing that music - I also love to share music on my blog (I even did today!) and like finding others who do the same.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


  2. Oh, I love lilacs. The purse really is adorable. I love when people list fantastic things, they make me happy too. :)

  3. Simple things really can bring us so much joy! The trick is paying attention to seem to have that down! BTW- LOVE, love, love the purse!

  4. That bag is really cute :) hope your friend is feeling better soon! xx