Sunday, May 26, 2013

Guest Blogger Bobaloo

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love to play fetch. If I haven’t I’m letting you know now. Waiting for my pet human to throw one of those colorful pony tail holders is an activity I thoroughly enjoy. When it is time to play fetch I watch the human’s hand closely. I know that the bright colored object will fly through the air soon. And I need to see where it lands so I can run and get it.  When I set it released from the human’s hand I immediately spring into action. And I land on it.  And then I bring it back to my human for her to throw again.  And there are times when I just like to mess with my pet human’s mind. There are those time when I can’t resist dropping the pony tail holder out of her reach. It’s fun to watch her look around for it. Then she asks me where did you put it? And I look at her innocently. And if I really want to play dirty I put it just out of her reach. I grin to myself as I see her look for it. But I have to keep up my innocent appearance or she will tell me I’m being lazy for not bringing it to her. But I’m not lazy I’m just entertaining myself. A girl has to have her fun you know.

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