Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is That What You Imagined?

I was recently asked how is your life different than you imagined it? Tough question isn’t it? So first I had to think about how I imagined my life. I think there was a time when I had a generic dream. You know the house, family, good job. But then I realized along the way that I’m not really good at co-habitating. I really enjoy my personal time, and if there are other people in the house well you can’t have much personal time. So I have a house that I share with the three beasties. So I attained the first part of the life imagined.

Then there is the second part of how I imagined life. Family:  And family always means a lot of responsibility. I also realized along the way that family is what we make of it. A person may have a large support network that acts in place of a traditional family. None of my parents or siblings live near me. Don’t get me wrong they are supportive of me, and they are great. They just aren’t part of my everyday life. But I’ve been blessed with a large support group who acts as my everyday family. They listen to my problems, laugh at my jokes even if they are kind of silly, and overall make my life richer. So that part of my life is how I imagined it.

Oh yeah, the good job. I think there was a time when I thought a good job was one where you had a lot of responsibility and made a lot of money. I’ve had a couple of jobs with loads of responsibility, and I do well for a while, but then I get tired of all the pressure. So I think I’ve redefined a good job as one where I enjoy working with my co-workers, and where at the end of the day I am able to say to myself I’ve done my best.

So is my life the way I imagined it? Not exactly the way I pictured it, but it’s a version of what I imagined. And it’s really a pretty good life. I have a place to live, people who love me, and a great blog following. I hope everyone else has some version of what they imagined their life to be.

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  1. I love this! I love that even though your life isn't exactly as you previously pictured it, you embrace it and appreciate it exactly as it is - and it is good. So many people could benefit from that same mindset. :)

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  2. A place to live and people who love me. Beautiful.

  3. my life no where near where I imagined it would be but I am happy with no regrets. I try not to dwell on the "what ifs". I do wish that some aspects were different but that's the had I was dealt so I play it out.

  4. A place to live and people who love you sounds perfect!

  5. I had a good job. Then I had kids. It's a much harder job but I still love it. Being surrounded by people that love you is all you need, right?

    Thanks for linking up with us!!