Thursday, May 30, 2013

Partial Twist Hairstyle

I'm always looking for easy ways to do my hair. You know something that doesn't take loads of time, but looks great. So the partial twist is often the answer.

That's what a partial twist looks like. It looks great doesn't it? Now I know what you're thinking how do I make that happen. First you take as much hair as you want from the temple to the ear. Now hold the hair tight and begin to twist it just like you would twist fabric. Once you have twisted the hair secure it firmly with ribbons, barrettes, pins, or add some bling with some jewels.

Music to blog by Falling Elevators by MC 900 Ft Jesus


  1. I love this hairstyle. I wore my hair in a similar way for my wedding, so I think it can definitely be dressed up or down. It's pretty versatile.

  2. Cute and simple :)