Friday, May 24, 2013

Picnic Safety

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. It’s hard to believe, but the kickoff to summer is here. And that means cookouts and picnics. Woohoo! When you’re going to a picnic or having a cookout there are a few things you should remember in order for everyone to remain safe and happy.

Sunburns suck so make sure you have sunscreen available.

Salmonella sucks even more so make sure you cook foods to their proper cooking temperatures.

Bugs and Bees often crash picnics. So remember to keep items covered, and bring bug spray.

Dehydration is dangerous so make sure you have lots of water on hand. And keep in mind water really is the best way to fight dehydration.

Keep these things in mind and you should have a safe picnic.



  1. Excellent tips, thanks :) Can't wait to go on my first picnic of the season - maybe this weekend if it's nice enough. Happy Memorial Day weekend!


  2. Came over to read this set of tips. Lots of water to prevent dehydration hmmmmm
    then bugs and bees Oh No!
    OK got this one. Thank you