Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Whatcha Been Readin?

I've been spending some time over at squidoo reading some of the pages people have written. And there are some pretty interesting articles on so many topics over there. So I thought I would share my five favorite articles from squidoo today.

Best Books About Marie Antoinette by sstanley53

This article has a great list of books about the partier extraordinaire named Marie Antoinette. Not only does it have a great list of books about her life, it also has some interesting trivia about her. Like her favorite perfume, and who created it.

Hiking The Appalachian Trail: What You Really Need to Know by Ramkitten

Hiking the Appalachian Trail has always sounded really cool to me. Ok, the key word is sound in that sentence. I know that while I might think I want to do this I won't. I only like camping one night. Then I'm ready for a hotel. She hiked it, and provides loads of practical advice to anyone who is thinking about making the hike.

How to do Pin Up Hair Styles by babygirlboutique

My faithful readers all know that I love rockabilly, and pretty much anything vintage. This article is full of information on how to recreate those pin up hair styles.
Including video tutorials which are always helpful.

How to Dress Like Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory by Best-Deal

This is so much fun to read. It's all so obvious, but it is so much fun to read. If you're a fan of The Big Bang Theory, you'll probably like this. It has load of pictures of Bernadette, and her wardrobe.

Memorial Day Activities for Families by thepreschooltoolbox

This article is full of activities that your children can do for Memorial Day. But it points out the most important thing about Memorial Day; Teach individuals to respect freedom.

That's my reading list for now. Check out these articles and let me know what you think of them.

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  1. the Marie Antoinette book looks interesting, I have read a biography of her and enjoyed it very much.
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  2. The Marie Antoinette book looks really interesting, I love books like that.
    Same with the pin up hairstyles book! It would be fun to learn how to do my hair like that!!

  3. How to Dress Like Bernadette from The Big Bang Theory sounds really fun and interesting.