Monday, June 24, 2013

Greekfest Pictures

Once again I was able to go to one of the great festivals held in the area this weekend. It was Greekfest weekend. As the name suggests it is the weekend when the Greek population in our area celebrates its heritage. And here are a few of the reasons I like Greekfest.

1        I might have the chance of yelling opa, and people won’t think that I have Tourette syndrome.
2       Grape leaves are an acceptable food ingredient.
3      Instruments being played have interesting names like bouzouki.
4       And most of all there are loads of people to watch. And many things you don’t see at other times       of the year.
Here a few pics of things I saw at Greekfest.

Music to blog by Dirty Boots by Sonic Youth


  1. I love a Greek festival. Seeing those hot, handsome, sweaty Greek guys dancin' with glasses on their heads gets me goin' every time!

  2. Mmm ...look at all they yummy food! I absolutely love Greece! One of my favorite countries for sure!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  3. YUMMMM, baklava, olives, stuffed grape leaves, i love it all!

  4. Never heard of Creekfest but hell I am all for something that has