Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bobaloo's Views on Playing Fetch

I can’t believe it. My roommate has decided that fetch is a fun game. I have to admit that he is not nearly as good at the game as I am, but he is catching on. Captain doesn’t like to play with the hair ties like I do, but instead he wants to play with the stuffed animals we have. And instead of bringing the item back immediately sometimes he decides to throw the item in the air and watch it fall to the ground. I’ve tried to inform him that this is not the proper technique for playing fetch, but he doesn’t listen. Is it because he’s a male or is it because he is so much bigger than I am? For some reason he never takes my advice. This brings us to the current problem. While Captain was playing with his toy instead of bringing it back to be thrown again, he threw it in the big white toilet. Our pet human found it there, and came out asking who did this? She looked at me. Now she knows I am far too smart to do a silly thing like this. But still I did not like her asking me if I was the one who did this. She needs to lay the blame on the appropriate feline. I am still trying to decide how I will deal with this problem in future. For some reason I’m sure that that big roommate of mine will do it again. This time I decided to let the accusation lie, but next time I may have to teach the human a lesson. Do any of my fellow felines have problems with being blamed for something their roommate did, and if so how do you deal with it? Please let me know I need advice on this matter.

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