Sunday, June 30, 2013

Guest Blogger Captain

Yes, it’s true I do prefer the big white drinking bowl in the bathroom over the regular water bowl. The water is so much cooler in this drinking bowl than the water that is put out for us. As most of you know I am a big boy so it is so much easier for me to lean against the bowl while I am standing on my back paws. From there I simply dip my front paw into the water, and I lick the water from my paw.  The water is so cool. But the human always tells me to stop it when she sees me doing this. I always have to give her the look when she tells me this. You all know the look. The one that communicates I am a cat, and I can do anything I want to. Sometimes the human is polite about telling me that I can’t drink from the big white drinking bowl. She looks at me and says I just put water out why are you drinking from the toilet? She will often tell me to come on and puts fresh water in the bowl again. I always do as she wishes when she speaks to me in this manner. I do believe that she should be rewarded for using the proper tone of voice with me. But when she yells stop it, I am not so cooperative. When she does this, I simply stand my ground. If I don’t move she will come over to me, and put down that big white lid on the big white drinking bowl. I believe that if she cannot be polite to me when she speaks to me, she is simply going to have to put extra effort into getting my cooperation.

Please let me know if any of you have a preference on where your drinking water comes from. Am I the only one who prefers to drink from the great white drinking bowl?


  1. This is kitty CJ-I have thaken over da oomans screen of moving kitties. oomans have a water bowel for us that they think should be by the food but I think it should be in the middle of the room where they walk so that they know how much water us cats have at all times so I move it there. Sometimes they trip on it but we don't care, they know to refill it.

  2. LOL my cat Kanga is often found doing the same thing!

  3. so cute cat

  4. I don't have a cat myself, but I understand they do what they want! : )

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