Sunday, June 2, 2013

Guest Blogger Smokey

Thunderstorms! They scare me to death. The minute I hear the wind pick up, I become tense. I immediately look from side to side trying to decide where I should go. Then I start to run to a hiding spot. The best place to hide in my home is the basement. I believe that is where the National Weather Service advises individuals to go during storms. So I believe that I am going to the safest place in the house. My roommates prefer to stay with our pet human to take care of her. But when it comes to thunder I believe that she is on her own. And besides she knows that the basement is the safest place. So I do not believe that I need to take time to remind her of that. After all personal safety is a choice. And I am not going to waste time trying to convince them that they need to go with me. I simply do the responsible thing and go to the basement. Do any of the rest of you have trouble with your humans not paying attention to their personal safety?


  1. Ah Smokey you are a pretty little thing :) You go where you feel safe and your human will go there if needed :)

  2. I love your guest spot Smokey. Do you do guest posts on other blogs?

    1. I have never done a guest post on other blogs, but I am very open to the idea. And I have suggested the idea to my roommates Captain, and Bobaloo, and they are open to this idea also. Thanks for reading my post.

  3. Oh Smokey I don't like thunderstorms either!