Friday, June 21, 2013

I Want a Job Just Like...

I’ve been thinking about what is the perfect job recently. Where would I really like to work? Is the perfect job working for me? Is it helping other people? Or is the perfect job earning loads of money? And after much thought I’ve decided that I want a job just like the minions in Despicable Me. Now I’m sure that you all are asking why anyone would want a job like theirs. And these are the reasons why.

1.       The minions are encouraged to help others. When Agnes’ unicorn is vaporized, the minions are sent out to get her a new one.

2.       If one of the minions makes a mistake the problem is addressed and then it’s not brought up again. During the big meeting with the boss one of the minions sets off a rocket and injures another minion the boss stops the meeting and tells the first minion to listen up. He then returns to presentation he was giving.

3.       The minions are allowed to be creative. When the boss goes to the adoption agency, the minions are allowed to put together his credentials. And they put together one creative list including the Medal of Honor, hosting a cooking show, and holding his breath for 30 seconds.

4.       They also have a great time at work. They make the most of their work time. They make photocopies of their butts, they sing karaoke when the chance arises in the store, and they participate in a toilet paper fight with the girls. But at the same time they work hard and they are proud of their work.

5.       And lastly, the boss appreciates them. When the minions want a good night kiss in the movie the boss refuses at first, but then says alright because he really does value each and every one of his workers.

Doesn’t this sound like the perfect place to work to you?


  1. Just wanted to thank you for joining in with Lovin' The Weekend Blog Hops last week! Stopping in to say hi!
    Loving this post. Very good points made.
    Have a great weekend, and hope to see you stop by for a visit.
    Karen from Tots and Me

  2. That sounds like an awesome job! I'd love to be a minion esp. if I got kisses at the end of the day!!! giggle... Thanks for stopping by my blog...hope to see you there lots more. Just followed your blog ! xoxo


  3. It does sound like a great job. Fun, creativity, and appreciation- all important necessities to having a satisfying job. Creative post!
    Angela from Time with A & N

  4. Though I've never seen the movie (yes, I live in a hole) this does sound like a pretty great job :)
    I must say though, I do rather enjoy working for myself!

  5. Yes, it sound perfect, but I've never known The Minions me too... must search for this movie and watch it soon :)