Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tampons & Tylenol

My faithful followers all know that I enjoy spending time on youtube checking out videos. It depends on my mood what I punch in, but if you just keep following those recommendations at the side you are always sure to see something new. This was the case the other night, somehow I wound up with a song called Tampons & Tylenol by Genesis Be. A name like that catches your attention. So I punched the play button, and I immediately smiled. I liked what I was hearing. The intro had that beat you hear in a lot of rap songs, but it used a synthesizer so it didn’t quite sound like a lot of songs that  I’ve heard before. Then she started rapping, and who could forget lyrics like Tampons & Tylenol. But then she rapped the line she work two jobs go to class. And I remembered when that was what my life was like. The song is a rap song so there is cursing in the lyrics. But cursing isn’t the dominant part of the lyrics. If you find cursing offensive you might not like this song. The song is catchy and I hope that it receives airplay because it is so much fun to listen to.  And I hope that the video catches attention too. While some of it is what you expect from a music video with shots of the artist rapping, there are parts that show how creative the artist is. I really like how she edited in some sections with individuals dancing in black and white.  I also liked the section with the split screen. And  the part with the guy wearing a  rabbit head just made me smile. I think that it shows that Genesis Be is taking her music seriously, and that she will be around for a while. 

Tampons & Tylenol by GenesisBe

I was a little bit curious about the artist so I went over to soundcloud and punched in her name. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she has several tracks on the site. And it has a clean version of Tampons & Tylenol which made me believe that she will receive that airplay I hoped for. (And for those of you who didn't watch the video because I let you know there was cursing you can listen to the clean version there.) But she also has other rap songs, some hip hop, and a couple r & b songs. Genesis Be is definitely a talented young lady that is sure to go far. So go on over and check out her soundcloud page to hear more of her music, and if you want to learn more about where she is playing visit her blog GenesisBe.


  1. You're right...Just the name of it had me wondering! Pretty cool find to stumble upon while surfing YouTube. =0)

  2. what a crazy name. good thing their music is better than the name. LOL

  3. I wasn't sure what to expect with a name like that, but the song was actually pretty good.