Monday, June 17, 2013

Things I've Seen Recently

Most of us have been to them, you know the local rib festival. Where fantastic rib vendors come in from around the country and sell their scrumpdilicious ribs. Our Ribfest was this weekend. It always seems to fall on Father’s Day, and I have to admit if my dad lived in the area I would probably pick up a slab of ribs from the festival and take it to him for Father’s Day dinner. But I digress. Ribfest is always one of my favorite festivals in the area. It’s a time when you can go down and eat loads of food that really isn’t that good for you. And I don’t feel too guilty about doing it. I mean it’s only once a year right. Why not go a little crazy? So I went to the festival twice this year. And I got to try a couple different types of ribs, and of course listen to some music. And best of all look at the people and things that surrounded me at the festival. These are a couple of things I saw while I was at the festival.

Yes, it’s a tiki carnival game. Totally awesome! 

Yes, that pig does have wings,

But the cart seems to be its means of transportation and not the wings. I guess pigs can’t fly yet.

Music to blog by I Always Knew by The Vaccines


  1. Hahah the Tiki game looks fun! I'm obsessed with Tiki stuff haha! :)) Looks like you had lovely time to the rib festival!

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  2. Hi! Lovely post..! I like your blog so i nominated you for the Liebster award! :)
    Check this out on my blog!
    xx Zoe

  3. Pigs don't fly............I am shocked..............I thought they

  4. Hi Heidi!
    I love all the pictures you posted here. No way! I swear I was told pigs can fly lol! love the cute pink "wings" on that pig.
    I am your new follower and if you can bear another blogger would love it if you can follow back.
    I'll be stopping by often.
    journally yours,
    Gem :)

  5. I LOVE that pig!!! I coolect flying pigs so it caught my eye immediately. Yummm, i also enjoy some delish ribs. I am going to have to look up any ribfests in my area.

  6. What a cute pig! I love the wings and the little pink wagon! Thank you for sharing this post at last week's Tuesdays with a Twist Party! 'Can't wait to see what everyone brings this week! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures