Friday, June 7, 2013

Things That Have Made This Week Fabulous

My friend Jen! She gave me two huge bags of clothes for my shop! You rock Jen!

My friend Andy! He came to my rescue with a lawn mower so that the weed patrol people don’t put a nasty sign in my front yard.

That email I got today saying that I won a prize! I can’t wait to see the new tote bag I won. It’s gonna be the best tote I’ve ever owned.

Looking out the window and seeing the sun shining. It rained for a couple of days. Rainy days are nice, but I really love the sunshine.

Looking around the house, and realizing that I have made a dent in this organization thing. Now I just really need to finish organizing. Why does it take so long for me to do this stuff?

Watching my huge white cat dig a little tiny stuffed animal out of a box and play with it. He looked so cute.

Music to blog by Fools Gold by The Stone Roses


  1. Hooray for fabulous things like getting bags of clothing and winning prizes!!! That sounds awesome, Heidi! Glad to hear that your week is going well, happy Friday!

    xo, Alyssa

  2. You have certainly had a wonderful week Heidi! I hope you have an equally wonderful weekend.