Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday Want List

I've been thinking about picnics recently. And they seemed to have crept into my want list this week.

1.       Vintage Patriotic Picnic Set pnpvintagegeneral
2.       Vintage Picnic Skirt RealGoneCatClothes
3.       Vintage Mod Picnic Set RamblingVintageGypsy
4.       Vintage Picnic Blanket StephieD

5.       Vintage Redmon Picnic Pasket sweetserendipityvint

Music to blog by Pour Your Sugar by Glen Washington


  1. I love the red and blue, perfect for summer.

  2. Sam's Story Book looks cool to me!

    A picnic sounds wonderful!

  3. I want to go picnicking, too. These are nice picnic items. Thanks for sharing on the Wordless Wednesday party.

  4. I love picnics! And I totally have a want-list too! Then again, who doesn't right ;)

  5. Yeah Sam's story book does look cool to me too..........and music is always good