Thursday, June 6, 2013

Whatcha Been Watchin?

Ok, so it’s time to take a look at some of the movies I’ve seen lately. There have been a few good ones and a couple bad ones.

Iron Man 3 Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Starks. And of course he is as self-absorbed as usual. And then a terrorist named The Mandorin comes onto the screen. He literally breaks onto all of the television screens around the country. And The Mandorin has a few lessons he wants to teach the world. This movie is full of action, which makes it loads of fun. But my favorite part of the movie was when The Mandorin’s private life was revealed. Trust me it’s fun.

Epic was not so epic, but it was enjoyable. Usually I love movies that are geared to children. But this wasn’t my favorite animated movie. It was more the story line. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for that type of movie that day, but it didn’t make me want to watch the movie again. But the animation was beautiful in the film. And I’m sure most kids will like it.

This Must Be the Place is my favorite movie that I’ve seen recently. It’s about an aging rock star. He still wears make-up and dresses in black. But he refuses to perform anymore. He winds up going on a journey to search for the man who humiliated his father. My absolute favorite scene in the movie is when his vehicle is on fire. He is looking at the burning truck, when a semi drive stops and asks him what happened. He replies I don’t know. The truck driver asks when he changed his oil last. And the reply is about an hour and a half ago. The truck driver says spontaneous combustion. It’s rare but it happens. The rock star replies a lot of strange things have been happening to me recently. The movie is full of the off-beat moments that reflect real life.

Black Butler is an anime series. If you’re a Steampunk fan, then you definitely need to watch this series. It’s in Japanese so you’ll have to read the subtitles, but the animation is great. It’s set in the Victorian era, and the butler is a demon. Ciel, the main character is a wealthy young aristocrat whose parents have died. Ciel spends his time investigating difficult to solve crimes. Trust me it’s great!

My So Called Life do you remember the series from the early 90’s. It only lasted a couple of seasons. It’s about life as a teenager in the early 90’s. But it’s not your typical teenage drama. The characters all remind me of people you may know in your real life. And it also portrays the adults in the young people’s lives as real people with their flaws and strengths. Overall, it’s a great show, and I wish television producers would make more series like it.

So check these out, and let me know what you’ve been watching recently.

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  1. The X-Files have been on constantly at my house. I love them, I can't help it. I haven't seen any movies in the theatre lately - but I'm going to see The Purge tonight and I have high hopes for it!


  2. I saw The Great Gatsby! It was good, but not excellent. HaHaHa

  3. The last movie I saw was After Earth. though it was a flop with critics, I enjoyed it. I would love to see Iron Man 3.
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  4. I love IRON MAN! It was great! I want to see Epic and After Earth.

  5. I LOVED This Must Be the Place! Sean Penn is killer. Also.... total blast from the past with My So Called Life. Did you love Jordan Catalano as much as I did?

  6. These look really good I will watch Iron man for sure . I really like a good creepy lol. Thanks for visiting my blog jollyjillys . Have a great weekend