Friday, July 12, 2013

Mysteries of the Universe

There are certain mysteries in the universe, you know questions that really don't have an answer, or in some cases the answer doesn't really make much sense. Here are a few of the mysteries of the universe I've been thinking about recently.

Why is it I get what I want when I no longer want it? How can that happen? Three months ago I wanted something so bad I could taste it. I got it today, and it was like eh who cares?

How long did it take those women in the Victorian era to get dressed? I mean really those clothes were something, and it must have taken forever to get ready in the morning.

If we celebrate Christmas in December why can I purchase a Christmas tree at the store in July? Along with all the decorations that go on the tree.

If there are so many songs recorded each year why do I always here the same song over and over on the radio?

Let me know if you have answer to one of these mysteries, or do you have mysteries of your own to share?

Music to blog by Jelly Belly by Nai Bonet



  1. Great questions. I would love to know how long it took for them to get dressed. Now it takes me about 5 minutes. :)

  2. Did they all have a helper/maid to help them get dressed?
    I hear you on the radio selections!

  3. ^.^ this is going to fun to answer, lol!

    1. Because once we get something the "chase" feeling is over and then we just want to chase something else

    2. It must of taken them awhile but back then they didn't have as many choices as we do (unless you were super rich), so it's not like they tried on one outfit and then decided to wear another.

    3. Because radio stations will be more popular if you play the popular singers on there.. its all about money lol

    :) But this is all what I think... lol I could be totally wrong!

    xoxo -B ♡

  4. Yeah I don't think I would like having to get people to help me dress and did everyone need help or only those who had money did the adverage woman wear such clothes as well...........and yeah I know what you mean I don't listen to the radio often but when I do it seems to be playing the same old can a new song get to be popular if it doesn't get played enough.......