Monday, August 19, 2013


I love punk music. I know a lot of people don’t understand punk, but the band Leadsucker is one of the reasons I think punk is great. Their music is fast and loud. And the other great thing about their music is the lyrics.

The song C57BL/6 is all about the food industry. And how the food we eat has become polluted. Then there is the song Haute Culture which is about the fashion industry, which often encourages women to develop unhealthy habits. And Gross Incompetence points out that people really don’t realize that they aren’t all that they think they are.

These songs are all what punk is all about. Fast music with lyrics that make a statement about what the musicians believe.

The members of Leadsucker include P.J. Hearn: Guitar, Vocals; Austin Welch: Bass; Sam Terrace: Drums. The band started after Hearn left his job working for the government. The songs definitely reflect many of the issues that Hearn saw while he worked for the government. Many of the songs don’t say things in a nice way, but hey it’s punk what did you expect?

Check out their music on Reverbnation.


  1. Hi There, I found you through the GFC collective on Peacoats and Plaid! Love your blog! delighted to be connected :)


  2. I like those kinds of songs, that actually MEAN something besides, "I love this girl" or "I love this guy" or "I broke up with this girl/guy and now I hate them." Maybe I will start listening to punk!

  3. @Angel There's definitely nothing like that on this CD! Thanks for taking the time to listen. It's always appreciated!

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  5. I know bugga all about music now days I just never listen to it ever any more and you know there was a time when I couldn't imagine that happening

  6. Leadsucker has reaffirmed my love for punk! That bring so much angst and aggressive sound to the table that no one else can touch. They will become on of the greats!