Sunday, August 25, 2013

Please Don't Make Me Yawn!

Do you ever just get bored when someone is talking about something, and just feel like yawning? I mean just totally tune out, and think you’re going to die of boredom. That’s what happens when I hear people talk about weddings. Please don’t think that I believe that marriage is blasé. It’s quite the opposite. Marriage is a life-long commitment that requires a lot of work. Marriage is not boring. It’s just hearing people talk about their wedding planning is boring.

More specifically I find the wedding industry to be boring. I hear friends talking about photographers, caterers, dresses, and I think that’s a lot of money for one day. Sometimes as I hear them talking about their wedding plans, and how perfect they want things to be, I wonder if they realize that nothing is really perfect. It’s often the imperfect days in our life that are the most memorable. Photographers can’t take the perfect picture, and you may not get the perfect wedding gift. While your wedding day is a special day, it is only the first day in a marriage. There will be many more days that are special. There will be many days that will be mundane. And hopefully your marriage will last a lifetime. Your wedding day is actually about sharing this day with people who care about you. It’s not about the photographer, the dress, or the caterer. And if you keep this in mind and tell me how you want to have a day where others can share your joy I won’t want to yawn while you’re discussing it with me.


  1. I've been fortunate enough to not have had to listen to very many conversations on wedding planning. But I do like to surf through Pinterest for wedding ideas! No listening involved there. LOL

  2. I don't have a problem with wedding talk, my bug bear is when people are talking in detail about their jobs. It's awful, but I'll practically fall asleep.

  3. I think there is definitely a balance to be reached... I put I would say average money and thought into it. But I don't recall sharing every last detail with anyone other than the mothers and g'mothers. As a matter fact, we hired wedding planners because I didn't really want to deal with the detail! :)

    I think I'll be your newest follower! Have a great week!


  4. Hey Guys stop by my blog hop today please, needing some linky love :)

    Juls x

  5. Hahaha! You would have died at my job then. I worked in the bridal biz for 7 years!! Can you imagine? That would be your worst nightmare! Haha! ;-)

  6. Wedding plans are only interesting to those involved but then I guess the same can be say for most things........